cw caravans

          External Systems


  1. Wheel Hub Bearings and hub seals
  2. Brake shoes and Magnet
  3. Hand brake operation
  4. Wheel nuts and studs
  5. Tyre condition
  6. Tyre Pressures
  7. Spare wheel and carrier
  8. Chassis for rust and cracks
  9. Coupling head
  10. Breakaway cable
  11. Jockey wheel
  12. Floor delaminating
  13. Corner jacks
  14. Suspension
  15. Shock absorbers
  16. Exterior locks
  17. Hinges
  18. Grab handles
  19. 7 pin plugs and cables
  20. Road lights
  21. Reflectors
  22. Gas bottle and regulator and hoses
  23. Hot water and anode


This is a list of the important items we check and test on your caravan during our pre-holiday service.

During Lots of years working with and repairing caravans and touring with caravan, CW Caravans  has carefully refined this schedule to include both safety and comfort related items and systems to ensure that you and your family enjoy a stress free holiday


Internal Systems

  1. 12v system lights etc.
  2. Battery
  3. Charger/charging rate
  4. Mains 240v system
  5. Water heater 240v and gas
  6. Refrigerator 240v/12v and gas
  7. Smoke alarm and battery and fire extinguisher
  8. Gas system – check with a LPG leak dector
  9. Water heater
  10. Refrigerator
  11. Heating systems
  12. stove/grill/oven
  13. Water pump and filter
  14. Taps 
  15. Windows and fittings and Window screen
  16. Furniture
  17. Internal vents
  18. Fan in bath room and Toilet
  19. Toilet
  20. Roof lights
  21. Showers
  22. air conditioning units and filters

We do wheel bearings service which include removing wheels and hub and while we are there we check brake and suspension. Then we clean old grease out of hub and bearings check the cone and bearing for wear if you need new ones we carry them we then replace and repack with new grease new seal this price starts from $175.00

 As you can see, CW Caravans is very comprehensive and Nothing is left to chance

You can be sure that your touring caravan will be in perfect order, ready for your family holiday and touring season